Limit Switch Boxes | Rotary position monitors

Max-Air BE48 BS48 BM48 Limit switch (see catalog)
Max-Air 45 Limit Switch (see catalog)
Max-Air limit switches (order guide)
Topworx DXP limit switch boxes (order guide)
Westlock Accutrack 2007; 5050; 9479; 360; 366 rotary position monitors (see order guide)
Soldo SM; SM; SB; SF; SS; HW; SX; SH; KS; SQ; SY; SQ; SE; ES; BM; TB limit swith boxes (see order guide)
Stonel QX; QN; QG limit switch boxes (see order guide)
Moniteur Limit Switches (see catalog)


Fisher DVC 6200 Positioners (see order guide)
Siemens SIPART PS2 Positioners (see order guide)
Masoneilan SVI II AP Positioners (see order guide)
PMV D3 Positioner (see order guide)
PMV D30 Positioner (see order guide)
YT 3300, 3350, 3301, 3303 positioner (see order guide)
Moniteur SS2 positioner (see order guide)


ASCO solenoid 8210 (see catalog)
ASCO solenoid 8320G200 (see catalog)
ASCO HV426716, HV426780, HV285926 (see catalog)
Airtac Solenoid valves 4V200(see catalog)
Atos Solenoid valves E120-20/E (see catalog)
Max-Air Solenoids (see order guide)
Midland Solenoids Direct Acting Valves (see catalog)
Midland Poppet valves 1750 (see catalog)
Midland Spool Valve brochure 1500 , 1600 , 1650 (contact us to provide catalog)
Parker Solenoid valves G7 (see catalog)
Parker MSG14-2550 Electrohydraulics (see catalog)
Versa VT Series Brass Solenoid Valves (see catalog)
Versa V316 Series stainless steel Solenoid Valves (see catalog)
Versa Solenoid Valves Vmap (plug and play modular packages) (see order guide)
Versa Solenoids (see order guide)


Fisher Regulators
Norgren Regulators
Welker Regulators (see order guide)
Pietro Fiorentini Pilot-Operated regulators
Pietro Fiorentini Direct-acting pressure gas regulators

Air Filters

Welker Regulators (see order guide)
Welker Air Filter replacement (see maintenance guide)


Ashcroft Gauges (see order guide)
Winters Gauges

 Specialty tubbing & accesories


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