Introducing our new identity

In the year 2020, the world changed, and FloconX did too. We are proud to share our new approach to flow control solutions under our new identity: Anything Flows.

We are proud to serve a growing domestic and global market, and we are increasing our capabilities to meet our customer needs with our recognized quality and customer satisfaction.

Anything Flows embodies our mission to provide an increasing range of flow control solutions, including those in emerging and new technologies.

Why the Color Change?

Blue symbolizes safety and trust
Yellow represents happiness and customer satisfaction
Bronze highlights our timeless new look



Be the lead industrial supplier of reliable and expedited solutions for flow control applications in the oil & gas, mining, power generation, marine, food & specialty industrial processes.

At Anything Flows, we believe that an efficient and connected world is a better world, and that principle guides everything we do.

Where are we?

Anything Flows LLC is a Flow Control company with headquarters in Houston, TX [U.S.A.], with domestic and international sales channels that pride in providing the highest quality products and engineering services, distribution, and logistics in flow control solutions. We specialize in delivering expedited solutions for the industry.

What is our plan?

Our unique business model combines our experience working with the highest quality products and services available in the market. Efficiency at capital projects and MRO (Maintenance | Repair | Operations) level is our mission and objective. Our extensive inventory, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) support, and our capabilities of supplying compression | pumping | LACT | Hydraulic Power units, provers, valves, valve automation, piping, meters, instruments, industrial solutions, service, and logistics allow us to provide tailor-made solutions to the needs of our customers. We support expansions of facilities, upgrades, and maintenance programs ( immediate | predictive | preventive stages) to provide safety, cost savings, supply chain solutions, and process optimization to our customers.

Who are we?

Our team of Project Managers & Engineers are certified by the most challenging Engineering Universities in the US & around the world. We dedicate to develop your tailor-made solutions to fit your specific needs: Just in time and when you need it.

We are a specialty flow control company that provides the highest customer service, with simplified distribution by combining expedited logistics solutions and engineered skids. We thrive on serving our customers and their projects.


Since our foundation, we have thrived on making every process as efficient as possible, from quotation, order entry to order management, internal management system, delivery, and aftermarket support. We are continuously focusing on optimizing every process to improve our customer’s expectations, needs, and overall experience.


PICS (Contractor Pre-Qualification, Auditing, Screening & Management Services)

ISNET (Global Contractor Management Systems)

API (American Petroleum Institute)

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

HMSDC (Houston Minority Supplier Development Council)

ISA (International Society of Automation)

PVF Roundtable (Pipe, Valve & Fittings Industry Membership Organization)

SGA (Southern Gas Association)

Pipeliners of Houston Association

Valve World (Committee member)