Valve Wireless Sensors

Description of Applications

Trisense’s Wireless Valve Position Transmitter Fusion 200 fits to any type of manual operated valves,
and will log current and past valve position with date and time of position change. This saves time and
cost, and avoids safety issues due to maloperations of manually operated valves. Data will be
transferred to a Smartphone or via a gateway to a dedicated data cloud or to the control room.
Fusion 200 has no moving parts and no mechanical units that opens for failures and maintenance.
Onboard sophisticated microprocessors and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) sensors
detects valve position and movement. Embedded software algorithms keep track of valve position in
percent open with high resolution for all sorts of valves, part turn valves (ball or butterfly) or multiturn valves (globe or gate, with or without gear). The algorithm allows calibration of individual valves
electronically at installation. The sensor can also conduct linear measurements.
Fusion 200 is battery powered and communicates wireless with BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy/BLE 5.0)
to operator’s terminals running companion apps for a range of operational applications, including
transfer of logged data to ERP systems by means of web services.

Design and Technology Features
• Measures multi-turn, 0-90 degrees and linear movements
• Connects to smart phones and tablets with BLE5 (Bluetooth® Low Energy) Certified
Bluetooth® Wireless technology
• Nominal range: Up to 300 m* (900 feet) depending on plant conditions. Density in
obstructions in the line-of-sight between sensor and gateway might affect transmission
range and position of Gateway. It is advisable to position the Gateway at a high position in
the facility but at some distance from the ceiling. Also, the gateway should be positioned
where the obstructions between sensor and gateway are at a minimum. Several Gateways
within the sensor area may be anticipated.
• Housing: High impact polycarbonate and stainless steel construction
• Ultra-low power consumption, no battery change between valve service periods
• Secure Field programmable
• Cloud Architecture
• Android and iOS app for calibration purposes and data retrieval (when not connected to a

Fig. 1 Fusion Sensors ( Compatible with iOS & Android | Gateways | PLC | DCS | SCADA)

Fig. 2: Bluetooth5 allows to communicate with a range of 1000 m/3000 ft radius

Fig. 3: Facility using Fusion wireless sensors

Trisense Fusion 200 wireless monitor sensor (see catalog)

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