The Valve Buyer’s Guide: Understanding Different Ball Valve Types

  The Valve Buyer's Guide: Understanding Different Ball Valve Types The modern ball valve has been in use for around 125 years.  There are four ball valve types that are in use all across the world. Ball valves are used in order to control the flow of liquid or gas, but which one is the [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About How Industrial Ball Valves Operate

  Everything You Need to Know About How Industrial Ball Valves Operate   A high-quality valve is essential whether you're transporting liquids, solids, or gases. It regulates flow and provides a range of other functions. There are several types, each suited to different kinds of projects. The market for ball valves is growing rapidly. At a [...]

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Valve World 2019

Valve World 2019 Houston Texas, USA During June 19 and 20, 2019, Anything Flows, previously known as FLOCONX LLC, joined Valve world as an exhibitor the largest convention of valves and controls in the world. AnythingFlows joined the panel and participants by sharing the latest advantages in the field of valves, valve automation, instrumentation, measurement [...]

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Fusion: Smart Wireless Valve Monitoring Sensors

Houston, TX U.S.A AnythingFlows, LLC. is proud to announce partnership with Trisense S.A to promote and distribute Wireless valve position monitoring sensors. At AnythingFlows, LLC we believe this new technology will increase productivity, safety and reduce operational costs at industrial facilities. This state of the art technology works just as easy with multi turn [...]

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#HarveyRelief #HoustonStrong

Due the catastrophic damages left by Hurricane Harvey, AnythingFlows LLC has partnered with American Red Cross | Catholic Charities to provide donations & Shelters to the victims of the worst Hurricane in history of the U.S.A === August/30/2017 Harveyrelief# 2025 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20006 Dear AnythingFlows, Thank you. The American Red Cross is [...]

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