Houston, TX U.S.A

AnythingFlows, LLC. is proud to announce partnership with Trisense S.A to promote and distribute Wireless valve position monitoring sensors.

At AnythingFlows, LLC we believe this new technology will increase productivity, safety and reduce operational costs at industrial facilities.

This state of the art technology works just as easy with multi turn or 0-90 degree valves and it has a quick and easy installation and no cabling is needed. Once Fusion sensors are installed, the batteries will last several years and calibration is completed by a click of button with a company mobile app. Fusion sensors are small and capable of valve position sensing in a range of 1000 m (3000ft). These sensors uses Bluetooth 5 and data is transferred via gateway(s) to a data cloud / ERP system using Wifi or 4G Technology. The cloud data can be transferred to the facility’s  process control system. Scalability is as easy as adding additional sensors, and if needed additional gateways.

Connecting manual valves to IOT (Internet of things) removes all uncertainty regarding valve positions, reducing the risk of human error, while decreasing manual costs and increasing productivity and safety to industrial facilities.

Fig. 1: Fusion sensors are compatible with iOS and Android Company Mobile phones

Fig. 2: Bluetooth5 allows Fusion sensors to reach 1000 m (3000 ft) radius

Fig. 3: Industrial facility using Smart Valve Position Monitoring IOT Technology

Download: Fusion-200-Smarten-up-Your-Valves

Additional information: info@anythingflows.com | info@anythingflows.com